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The MeLCi Lab – Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab is a laboratory of CICANT – Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies. The primary mission of MeLCi Lab is to aggregate researchers and the research done at CICANT in the field of media education, civic cultures and digital citizenship in connection with everyday life in today’s deep mediatized and digitized society.

  • III MelCi Lab Autumn School – “Science Bootcamp to Boost Your Research Hands-On Skills”

  • Encontro com o GT de Públicos e Audiências ocorreu no fim de abril

Video 1: “Transmedia environment: development of communicative skills in schools”

Gabriela Borges, 8 March 2021

Vídeo 2: “YouTube literacy for children and youth: from research to action”

Ana Jorge, 26 March 2021

Video 3: “Watching videos on TikTok for fun and for media literacy (critical) skills”

Luís Pereira, 24 April 2021

Maria José Brites

Maria José Brites

Maria José Brites

Manuel Marques Pita


Célia Quico

Maria José Brites
Support to Coordination

Carla Sousa