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Lab’s Member Co-Authors Influential UNICEF Report on Youth Protests

We are thrilled to share that our lab’s member Cassia Ayres has contributed to a groundbreaking report titled “Youth, Protests and the Polycrisis”, recently published by UNICEF. Cassia, the Regional Manager of Social & Behaviour Change and a Social Sciences Researcher at UNICEF’s Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office, brings her expertise to this important document.

The report delves into the increasing trend of global protests, focusing on the significant role played by students and young people. It explores the reasons behind young people’s preference for protests as a form of political engagement and how these activities reflect their future aspirations. The report evaluates the transformative potential of youth involvement in protests by combining quantitative research with qualitative insights, including firsthand accounts from young activists.

You can read the full report here to gain deeper insights into this crucial topic.