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Showcasing Laboratory Members’ Presence at the 5th International Media Literacy Conference

In June, the 5th International Media Literacy Research Symposium will take place in the Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional de Ponta Delgada in the Azores, aiming to enhance media literacy through scholarly and practical lenses. This symposium fosters global dialogue among diverse researchers, practitioners, and educators. 

Keynote Speakers:

David Buckingham, Emeritus Professor and author, is a towering figure in the field of media education. His extensive work on media literacy education’s role in empowering individuals to navigate media environments critically has been foundational. 

Sally Reynolds, Since October 2015, Sally Reynolds has been the Chief Operational Officer of the Media & Learning Association. Her contributions have consistently focused on how media can enhance education and learning. 

Antonio López is an esteemed media educator and author who specialises in ecomedia literacy, focusing on how media education can intersect with environmental issues to promote sustainable practices.

MeLCi Lab participation

Among the speakers are Margarida Maneta and Lucia Mesquita, our lab members. Their diverse projects showcased the depth and breadth of our laboratory’s commitment to advancing media literacy on multiple fronts.

Margarida Maneta’s Insightful Contributions:

  1. Senior Citizen Engagement:

Margarida’s “Media Literacy Workshops: Ways of Listening to the Older People” focuses on empowering seniors through workshops tackling misinformation and digital security. These sessions will showcase forms to enhance confidence and promote an active ageing process.

  1. Youth and Digital Citizenship:

Her second project, “YouNDigital“, will revolve around the youth-led newsroom. It will encourage people worldwide to express their views on significant issues such as human rights and climate change. This initiative amplifies young voices and helps them become proactive content co-producers, enhancing their digital citizenship skills.

Lucia Mesquita’s Educational Reforms:

  1. Evolving Teacher Education in Portugal:

Lucia’s research, “Developing Teachers as Agents of Change”, sheds light on the current state of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) training for teachers in Portugal. Her findings suggest a pivotal shift towards a more integrated MIL strategy, which is essential for teachers to guide students effectively in a digitally complex world.

  1. Strengthening MIL in Irish Education:

Another study by Lucia, “Enhancing Media and Information Literacy in Irish Education,” addresses the gaps in MIL integration within Irish teacher education. The research advocates for a unified MIL framework nationwide to better equip educators to combat misinformation and foster a critically thinking society.

Margarida Maneta and Lucia Mesquita’s presentations at the International Media Literacy Research Symposium underline the necessity of media literacy education that is comprehensive and inclusive of diverse societal needs.

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