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Welcome, Lucia Mesquita, to the MeLCi Lab!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Lucia to the MeLCi Lab. Her journey began in São Paulo and led her to Porto for her second postdoctoral position with Cicant and the Universidade Lusófona. Lucia has a background in journalism and academic rigour that we are excited to share with you.

From Journalism to Academia: Lucia Mesquita’s Professional Journey

Lucia’s career started in the heart of Brazilian journalism, interning at Folha de S. Paulo. Her diverse roles in the media industry reflect her quest for knowledge. She has worked in economic and financial reporting as a freelancer and content strategy at KPMG. After nearly two decades in the industry and corporate world, Lucia pursued an academic career to write and discuss topics she felt could make a difference. She earned a Master’s in Communication Studies from the University of Lisbon and completed her PhD at Dublin City University as a Marie Curie Fellow. She held her first postdoctoral position at DCU with the TeaMLit project, becoming a reference in Media Education research, supported by her extensive experience in journalism and media studies.

At the Heart of the MeLCi Lab

Lucia has been actively involved in the lab’s communication and advocacy plan and the YouNDigital project, where she supports the research team and activities. Beyond research, Lucia aims to help shape media and education policies in Media Education to combat misinformation and promote an informed public.

What Lucia Brings

Lucia is ready to integrate her diverse experiences with the dynamic team at the MeLCi Lab. Her interdisciplinary approach aims to enhance the lab’s projects and actions both within academia and beyond.

Message from Lucia:

“Embrace challenges, foster collaboration, and break down barriers. Together, we can pave the way for a more connected world.”

Lucia Mesquita’s arrival at the MeLCi Lab marks an exciting chapter. With her leading new initiatives, we are ready to explore new areas in Media Education and digital citizenship. Stay tuned for innovative projects and inspiring stories to come!

About Lucia

Lucia Mesquita is a postdoctoral researcher at the MeLCi Lab within CICANT at Lusófona University. She integrates the YouNDigital project about youth, news, and digital citizenship and collaborates internationally with Dublin City University and the Federal University of São Paulo. Her research spans media literacy, media studies and journalism. Lucia also has a rich background in journalism from Brazil and has been involved in various European research initiatives.