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Welcome Tatiana Chervyakova to the MeLCi Lab!

We are thrilled to introduce Tatiana Chervyakova, the newest member of our Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Lab (MeLCi Lab) at Lusófona University. Tatiana joins us as a PhD student and research fellow, bringing a rich background in media research from Siberia’s cold terrains to Portugal’s vibrant landscapes.

A Journey Through Media and Politics

Tatiana’s research delves into the complex world of political economies of media, focusing on media systems, legislation, and the socioeconomic factors influencing media consumption and financing. Her interest in media censorship highlights her commitment to developing a media environment that upholds civic values, advocating for transparency and accountability to ensure that media serves as a pillar of democracy and informed citizenship.

From Moscow to Lisbon

Starting her academic journey in Moscow, Tatiana studied Journalism and Media Business at Moscow State University. Her academic pursuits took her to Switzerland, where she obtained a Master’s in Media Management from Università della Svizzera Italiana. The move to Lusófona marks a new chapter in her career, one rich with potential and promise.

Inside the MeDeMAP Project

The MeDeMAP project, in which Tatiana Chervyakova is involved, is a comprehensive Horizon Europe research initiative to enhance democracy through media. It collaborates with ten European institutions to examine the media’s role in democracy by analysing transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of media production. The project employs various research methods to cover diverse aspects of media influence across EU Member States, from legal frameworks to audience behaviour and media’s democratic functions.

You can visit their official site here for more detailed information about the MeDeMAP project and its objectives.

Embracing Lab Life

Tatiana is excited about the collaborative environment at MeLCi Lab. She values the community’s support and looks forward to learning from and contributing to the lab’s diverse projects. Her future ambitions include integrating feminist media studies into her work, aiming to enrich media research with diverse perspectives.

A Personal Touch

Outside the lab, Tatiana enjoys “joy snacking” and running, finding small pleasures in everyday activities that bring happiness. Her message to the lab community is simple yet profound: “No wars!”

We are eager to see the insights Tatiana will bring to our lab and her future contributions to media literacy and civic cultures. Welcome aboard, Tatiana!

About Tatiana

Tatiana Chervyakova is the new member joining the MeLCi Lab at Lusófona University. She was born in Siberia in 1997 and has an impressive academic and professional background. Tatiana graduated from Moscow State University with majors in political journalism and media business and also holds a Master’s degree in Communication from Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. Professionally, she has worked with political NGOs. Her research interests include political economies of media, media systems, media legislation, socioeconomic factors in media consumption, and media censorship.