YouNDigital is pioneeringly studying the link between young people, news, and their digital citizenship, seeking to understand these emerging dynamics in a deeply digitized society and facilitating training in the area. The challenges in this pressing area in today’s democracies have gained greater momentum as a result of the pandemic context. The proliferation of news consumption, saturation regarding information overload and the increased difficulty of fighting fake news have brought about increased challenges. In the diversified society we know today, it is increasingly important to understand information disorders, for example with the exacerbation of polarized discourses. YouNDigital brings the contribution of diversity, considering different socio-demographic dimensions and life contexts, from the most common to those at the margins. This project seeks to understand these dynamics in an inclusive way and to cover diversified contexts, from the most common and recurrent in academic research to the most particular ones (such as young people at risk, institutionalized, with disabilities and special needs). Knowing that gender has an influence on the connection to the news and not having studies especially focused on this dimension, this is one of the main challenges of YouNDigital in line with the 2030 Agenda

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