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Equipa MeLCi Lab publica diversos artigos

Ana F. Oliveira, Maria José Brites, and Carla Cerqueira published the article “Intergenerational Perspectives on Media and Fake News During Covid-19: Results From Online Intergenerational Focus Groups” in Media & Communication Journal.

Carla Cerqueira co-authored the article “Ideologia de gênero’ como instrumento político nos jornais do Brasil e de Portugal” in Revista Estudos Feministas.

Carla Cerqueira co-authored the article “Ser empreendedora em Portugal: Perspetiva de mulheres brasileiras” in Cadernos de Gestão e Empreendedorismo”. 

Carla Cerqueira co-authored the article “Gender, class, and ethnicity: Perspectives of White Portuguese and Black African women on labor dynamics in the cleaning sector” in the Social Sciences journal.

Rita Grácio, with António Carvalho (CES-UC), published the article “The Dark Side of Mindfulness: Workplace Socialization, Neoliberalism and the Self”, at Communication and Language at Work (CLaW).


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