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Maria José Brites co-edited MEDIA STUDIES journal’s special issue “Incivility And Public Participation”

Maria José Brites é co-ediora juntamente com Marisa Torres da Silva e Miguel Vicente a edição especial da MEDIA STUDIES “Incivility And Public Participation”.

A publicação conta com quatro estudos sob a temática da participação pública e incivilidade:

  • Comments that hurt: Incivility in user-generated comments aboutmarginalized groups
    Magdalena Saldaña & Valentina Proust
  • Facebook as a public arena for women: infringing on democratic ideals and a cause of worry
    Hilde Sakariassen
  • From “Covid idiots” to “Covidshow and “Covidhysteria”. Analysis of digital news commenters’ verbal aggressiveness and means of linguistics creativity during COVID-19 pandemic in Latvia (2020 – 2021)
    Anda Rožukalne & Dite Liepa
  • Mapping emotional responses across the individual moral system in Social Network ethical public communication: a quasi-experimental study
    Ernestina Lamponi, Marinella Paciello & Francesca D’Errico

Aqui pode encontrar a obra completa.