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Fernando Amorim

Media Society and Literacies

Authoritarianism, Digital Silk Road, Hate Speech, Nationalism, Surveillance State

Fernando Paulo Lopes Amorim is a Ph.D. student in Communication and Activism, and a Master’s student in International Relations at Lusophone University (Porto). Experienced IT professional who has been working with Digital Marketing, SEO, and eCommerce strategies for over 20 years. Holds a Political Science and Electoral Studies degree and has been teaching Disinformation and Fake News at UATIP (the University of Autodidacts and the Elderly of Porto). Fernando is currently focusing his studies on the interconnection between technology, communication, and politics. He is specifically interested in the wave of authoritarian right-wing movements on social media that have been weakening Western democracies; the struggles of the Global South for a new world order; and is currently researching the role of the Digital Silk Road in this process.